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Moving Forward In Anticipation Of Web 3.0 Strategies
[2009-05-20] We're all aware that Web 1.0 is over and we're trying to get up to speed with Web 2.0.  So what's around the corner with Web 3.o? Peter Granat, CEO of Cision Europe spoke to the attendees of Media Relations Summit 09 about the future of PR and technology today.   The migration to online news is a well known fact now and not only is this affecting larger newspapers - 300 regional newspapers have disappeared.

Using Thesis To Change Your Design Without Coding Changes
[2009-05-06] When I mention Thesis a lot of people don't really get the value of it, to them Thesis is just a design. However they don't understand Thesis and miss the real value of  Thesis as a framework.

The Best Ways For Tracking 404 Errors
[2009-04-22] There are many debates as to the best way to track 404 errors. The range of tools and functions range from just being able to count the 404 errors, all the way up to tracking your 404 errors, then helping you remedy the 404 errors. As always, there is never one fix that applies to all websites. The best fit for a 404 tracking tool depends on what type of site you have, how often errors occur, and whether you need a quick way to fix these 404 errors. Once you answer those questions, take a look at this list of 404 error tracking tools.

How To Lower Your Website's Ranking
[2009-04-08] Ever heard of reverse search engine optimization? It's the unranking of keywords which are working well for your site. Sounds like an odd concept doesn't it? Who on earth would want to decrease their ranking in the search engines?

Has IE6 Time For Abandonment Really Come?
[2009-03-24] Every Web designer and Web developer I know would answer either: * Yes! * Hell, yes! or * F***, yeah! to the previous question. For most of us, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is the bane of our existence. You can design the most beautiful site that works well in IE7, Firefox, Safari and across operating systems and then you go and look at it in IE6 and you just want to cry.

Correcting The Dynamic Page Issues For Better Visibility
[2009-02-25] Years ago dynamic websites posed significant problems for search engines. While the engines have come a long way since the early days of dynamic website development, there are still some key problems that arise. Google has gone public stating that you don't need to fix your dynamic site problems, but in reality that's poor advice for the website owner.

Open Source Monitoring With GroundWork 5.3 Release
[2009-02-11] Groundwork, the provider of the open source based network management software, announced  the availability of GroundWork 5.3. The new platform increased scalability, the number of devices managed by a single subscription, and avoids per-node licensing. 

SEO For Your Website
[2009-01-27] There are many articles written on the HOW of SEO, covering the many and varied aspects of the art of improving your site's position in search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Whilst most people have heard the term "search engine optimization" and have a vague appreciation (or apprehension) of the hoped-for outcome, surprisingly few people seem to really understand WHY it is absolutely essential.

Applying Even Focus on Traffic and Conversion
[2009-01-07] In many cases, conversion has become one of the most overlooked components of any online marketing campaign. Many people focus too heavily on sending the most number of visitors to a page, without taking the time to maximize the conversion of these visitors into sales. An insightful article on search engine land shares 6 tips to improve website conversion which I have summarized below:

Run Web Applications Natively on Your PC
[2008-12-10] Google has come up with a technology called Native Client that is related to the open source world!

Do Developers Need to Remodel Their Strategies?
[2008-12-03] What comes to your mind if you ever think of the future of software prices? Experts have often predicted that software in the future will be available for free. One would need to pay just for the support. Brian Gardner's famous WP themes is just an example! This would result in the reduction in business profits of millions of software developers across the globe. One of the prime reasons for this is the Open Source technology. It actually should give all Open Source lovers a reason to smile as most of the software may be available to all for free in the future.

Similarities Of Outsourcing & Open-Source
[2008-11-12] Open-Source community and Outsourcing are poles apart, but the most striking thing they have in common is the dependence on their modes of communication. The Open-Source development communities rely more on the asynchronous modes of communication such as e-mails, online forums, discussion sites, bug trackers as compared to the synchronous modes of communication such as phones, chats etc. used by Outsourcing personnel.

The Great October Crash
[2008-10-30] "The Great October Crash 08" is one of the most important events for all economists and financiers across the globe to study and understand the implications on various other sectors of businesses. There are tough times ahead for all businesses and the rock bottom world economy isn't also helping the cause.

How to Stop Google Translator
[2008-10-15] There are official specifications for the HTML language which are provided by the World Wide Web consortium. And then there's more spontaneous additions to the language which are not part of the HTML specs (though they may or may not validate as HTML).

Issues With Crawling Your Website
[2008-10-08] Online Marketing Blog has always been about more than search engine optimization, covering digital public relations, social media marketing and plenty of other internet marketing topics.

How To Put A Digg Button On Your Blog
[2008-09-24] Believe it or not there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Most wordpress blog templates use the content tag on the main index page, meaning it shows full posts unless you use a more tag. If you use a more tag it will truncate the post at that tag and give you a link to read the full article.

What Do Organizations and Developers Need?
[2008-09-03] Monday I walked through Sourceforge end-users' needs, trying to figure out how Sourceforge might travel to accommodate their needs. Today we'll look at what organizations and developers might want, keeping a closer eye on competitors' offering and how to possibly stay ahead of them.

Get Your Website on Page 1 Organically
[2008-08-20] This sponsored session was an entry level overview of what websites should be doing on their website to get visibility and rankings in search engines.

How to Find Semantic Links on a Website
[2008-07-16] Imaging a visitor that enters his website URL into a textbox and when he clicks the submit button, you are able to retrieve all kinds of information from the guy.

Integrative Thinking for the OSS Community
[2008-07-02] I just finished the third of four week-long residence weeks for school. One more to go and I'll get some semblance of a life wife can't wait.

Open Source Business Model Problems
[2008-06-12] I would like to join the the ongoing discussion about open source software business models driven by Matthew Aslett who in turn was answering Savio Rodrigues's post on how to fix the 'broken' open source business model.

The Harsh Reality of ASP.NET Developers
[2008-05-07] You're participating in the stagnation of the World Wide Web and you hold the human race hostage.

Don't Be Lazy When Coding
[2008-04-09] Lately I've been seeing a lot of sites where the designers were a bit lazy on the coding of the visual elements.

Next-Generation Wordpress Theme
[2008-02-20] I've been talking for months now about the integration of the wonderful Sandbox and the Yahoo User Interface CSS library. Well, I've done it.

Sideways Movement for Web Standards
[2008-01-30] There's some really interesting conversation going on about IE8 these days.